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Shipping:  The shipping charge to the customer is exactly what the shipping cost is, plus $10 for boxing.  (more for very large boxes)   usually shipped by US Post Office Priority Mail  

Picture Description of Bulbophyllum (Bulb.) Size Price Shipping
Shorter petals from the clustered blooms.  Pink Bulb. A-doribil Ring (frostii x dentiferum) Large, well grown plant on cork $49.94 See shipping info. above
  Bulb. bicolor "The Two Colored Bulbophyllum From Hong Kong SOLD    
Bulb. Doris Dukes
This picture was taken in Oct 2016.
The plants for sale are divisions of this plant taken over a year ago and have grown much.
in vanda baskets $35 See shipping info. above
Bulb. Fascination 'Red Devil'
Bulb. Fascination 'Chianti'
Here is a picture of one of the Red Devil when it bloomed
These are mini orchids each potted in a 3" pot and are mature plants $25 See shipping info. above
Bulb. fascinator
Species Bulbophyllum from Thailand
These are striking blooms, long with many 'hairs'
2" pots $35 See shipping info. above

Bulb. fenestratum
Pink blooms
4" pot
$45 See shipping info. above
Bulb. Jersey (echinolabium x lobbii)
One mounted on Cedar
One mature mounted on Cedar
One larger plant mounted on Cork, growing well


See shipping info. above
Bulb. lasciochilum   Miniature
From Burma, Thailand & Malaysia and more
This has very small pseudobulbs and leaves
Blooms from the new mature pseudobulbs and is fragrant
This is growing in a bright but indirect light and goes from cool to hot.   Has grown well mounted on both Cholla Wood or Cedar or Cork.
One Mounted on Cholla wood
Two larger plants mounted on wire

See shipping info. above 
Has a cascade of small pink spotted flowers.Cupped, like the mouth of someone singing Bulb. lilacenum From Northern Penninsular Malaysia & Thailand Blooms in the fall, several flowers      
Bulb. lobbii 'Jean Webster' AM/AOS x     Bulb. echinolabium      
As its name indicates, the clustered blooms have very long petals, with 'stripes' all down the petals Bulb. longissimum 
Called "The Long Petaled Bulbophyllum"
Thailand, Myanmar, Borneo and Malaysia
One Mounted on cork
Mature - has bloomed
$35 See shipping info. above
  Bulb. maximum (Megaclinium falcatum) 
Two miniature type plants $35 See shipping info. above

Bulb. maxima  Has bloomed, dark
See where the tiny bloom is.  Buds open up along this flat, dark spike.  It is very striking looking.  It has pseudobulbs that need less water in the winter to help it bloom, even to having them shrivel.
The plant grows better when we give it more light.  This picture was taken in the month of August.
One in vanda basket - larger
In 3" mesh pots
In 3" pots

See shipping info. above

Bulbophyllum medusae on Cholla wood
This is a picture of the orchid plant
It has been growing in bright but not too strong light.
Being mounted on Cholla wood seems to suit this orchid
Also grows well potted
Mature, small orchid mounted on Cholla wood - has bloomed $35 See shipping info. above
Clustered blooms on spike coming away from plant - shows very well Bulb. peninsulare '#2'
From Thailand only
Mature divisions mounted, one on Cork and one on Cedar $45 See shipping info. above
  Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis 
The name of this comes from the similarity of the leaves between this Bulbophyllum and Phalaenopsis
The leaves grow very long and the blooms cluster next to the pseudobulb. 
These New Guinea orchids are growing in shade and drain well, but also humid
In 8" Ultimate Orchid Baskets growing long pretty leaves $109 See shipping info. above

Crphm A-doribil Candy x Cirr annandalei 'D&B'
Mature plants, have bloomed - mounted on cork $35 See shipping info. above


Bulb. annandalei '9 Flowers' x claptonense 'D&B' Not available    

Bulb. basisetum x echinolabium 'A-doribil' AM/AOS Not available    
Bulb. carunculatum 'M' x carunculatum 'A-doribil'
Found only in Sulawesi in forests. Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes) is one of the four larger Sunda Islands of Indonesia.  From Wikipedia   Medium sized, warm growing  epiphyte   Summer bloomer / successive bloomer 
Not available    
Bulb. claptonense Not available    
  Bulb falcatum  From Central to West Africa      
Bulb. Frank Smith Not available    
Bulb. Frank Smith 'Yellow Star' x echinolabium 'A-doribil' AM/AOS Not available    

Bulb. paluense x echinolabium Not available    


Bulb. sulawesii  now Bulbophyllum klabatense When it blooms it should come as one flower at a time over an extended time Not available    

Bulb. sumatranum 'A-doribil' x Bulb veltchlanum 'A-doribil'Photo Not available    

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