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Just till the end of February though!
Shipping:  The shipping charge to the customer is exactly what the shipping cost is, plus $10 for boxing.  (more for very large boxes)  
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Picture Description

Pot / Plant

Growing Temp



McIra Yellow Star 'Golden Gambol'

Have one in 3" sq pot
Mature plant
Looking great

intermediate to warm


See shipping info. above 

Odontioda (Oda) Flaming Pole 'Okika'

Have one 6" Has grown hot to cool $35 See shipping info. above 

Odontocidium (Odcdm.)
Mesmeric Melody 'Mauna Loa'

5" pots
Fully mature plants
One mature plant potted in a ceramic orchid pot-tan with drip glaze




See shipping info. above 
Oncidium (Onc.) ampliatum Majus x self
Found in Guatemala, Panama, West Indies, Venezuela and Colombia.
Notice the pseudobulbs, said to resemble a turtle
These are excellent specimen plants
Blooms are on tall spikes and are yellow dancing lady type with tall branching bloom spikes.
The pseudo bulb is round, flat and bumby - commonly said to look like a turtle shell.
Large mature wonderful plant
Has been growing Warm in Summer to Cool in Winter
$55 See shipping info. above
  Oncidium excavatum
Yellow with brown barring 1 1/2" blooms. Many flowers on branched inflorescence opening successively.
Mounted on cedar, growing very well Grows cool $25 See shipping info. above
  Oncidium flexuosum
These yellow dancing lady type blooms are very small - 3/4" to 1 1/2".  Several blooms on one inflorescence.
Mounted on cedar, growing very well cool to hot growing $25 See shipping info. above
  Onc Nia Rose 'Sweet Sixteen'

One in 6" decorative pot
Just full of medium height  growths

Has grown warm to cool $35 See shipping info. above
Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' AM/AOS
The ever favorite orchid whose blooms smell like chocolate, filling the air with their fragrance!!!!
6" pot
Full mature growths
Has grown warm to cool $35 See shipping info. above

Onc. sphacelatum 'Sun Beauty' AM/AOS
Found from Mexico to Costa Rica and Venezuela. Has branching bloom spikes 3 feet long with yellow and brown flowers.
Blooms around March / April.
Bright sun loving plant

This picture of one plant is an example of what it can grow to be (after years).  And it is an example of how it can produce many spikes when it is grown in bright light.

Have one large specimen plant
Regularly has 30+ bloom spikes
In spike now - Jan

Does well in warm summer temps and moderately cool winter
Likes good light in the summer


Large specimen best if picked up at the greenhouse
  Psychopsis  Click here to go to Other        
Onc. cebolleta  From American tropics sold      
  Onc. Kukoo sold      
  Oncidium Kunine (cebolleta x splendidum)  Mule Ear type orchid This is a primary hybrid between two species SOLD    
  Brassia Rex Sakata 'Lea' SOLD      

Wilsonara (Wils.) Tropic Breeze 'Everglades'
Blooms are gold and bronze, the bloom spike grew at least 8' + tall, branched and had uncounted # of blooms.  It has beautiful large pseudo bulbs. 



  Odontocidium (Odcdm.)  Catatante 'Pumpkin Patch'


intermediate - warm


  Miltonidium (Mtdm) Pacific Paragon 'Golden Goddess' SOLD  grown hot to cool SOLD  
  Brassidium (Brsdm) Gilded Urchin 'Ontario' SOLD OUT      
  Brassidium (Brsdm.) Ashibune 'The Orchid Works' SOLD OUT      
  Brassidium (Brsdm.) Shooting Star 'Black Star' HCC/AOC


  Brassia (Brs.) Orange Delight 'Hilo Sunrise' SOLD OUT      
  Colmanara (Colm.) Maui Howie 'Sunday Best'  Fragrant   SOLD OUT      
  Degarmoara (Dgmra.) Hani 'Star of Unicorn' AM/AOS


  Miltassia (Mtssa) Golden Spider 'Copius' SOLD OUT      
Miltonidium (Mtdm) Pacific Paragon 'Golden Goddess' SOLD OUT      
  Miltassia (Mtssa.) Estrelita 'Sweet Senorita'


  Odontobrassia (Odbrs.) Kafkaesque 'Twisted Sister'


  Odontocidium (Odcdm.) Tiger Barb 'Kilauea'


  Odontioda (Oda.) Hot Pants 'Hot to Trot' SOLD OUT      
  Odontonia (Odtna.) Memoria Martin Orenstein 'Lulu' HCC/AOS


  Oncidium (Onc.) Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS
The genus for this orchid is now reclassified as Psychopsis
Is commonly called the Butterfly Orchid


  Oncidium (cebolleta x lanceanum) x cebolleta Mule ear type SOLD OUT      
  Oncidium (Onc.) Alosuka 'Claire'


  Oncidium (Onc.) Brilliance 'Hilo Bay Beauty' 



Oncidium (Onc.) Pacific Sunrise 'Hakalau' Fragrant

SOLD OUT      
  Oncidium (Onc.) Twinkle 'Pink Profusion'


  Oncidium Kilauea Burrageara Kilauea
This is an orange orchid with parents that add their own benefits to Kilauea. (Onc Sphacetante x Onc Charlesworthii)

Psychopsis papilio x versteegianum 

SOLD OUT      
Trichocentrum Maureen (Trt. carthagenense x Trt. lanceanum)  Primary hybrid Mule Ear type orchid with a small pseudobulb at the base of the leaf  Medium size chestnut flowers with purple spotted, yellow lip Native to Mexico to Southern Brazil Has a spur at the lip Bright light Hot to cool growing    SOLD OUT


  Vuylstekeara (Vuyl.) Carnivale 'Okika'


  Wilsonara (Wils.) Pacific Panache 'Fireside Feaver'


  Wilsonara (Wils.) Vernal Aura 'Sunrise'


  Wilsonara (Wils.) Aolha Sparks 'Edna's Flame' AM/AOS



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