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Shipping:  The shipping charge to the customer is exactly what the shipping cost is, plus $10 for boxing.  (more for very large boxes)  
Usually shipped by US Post Office Priority Mail 

Picture Description


Price Shipping
We do not have a picture Angraecum comporense syn superbum
This is now a several years old plant.  We mounted it on cork and it has tripled in size and has large strong roots imbedded in the cork crevices.  It has been growing in bright indirect light.  It gets down to 60s in winter and 80-90s in summer.  It is a winter bloomer and is near to blooming size now.  When it blooms the flowers are fragrant.  The green with white blooms are positioned along it bloom spike.
This would be an excellent choice for someone.  We have spent the time and given it the care to get it to its strong self.
Mounted on cork
See the complete information to the left
This is a fairly large plant

See shipping info. above 

Blc. Dal's Rapture 'Water Colors'
Large semi-alba
mounted on cork  larger one near blooming size Only two $49.95
See shipping info. above 



Blc. Edisto Mendenhall

Have two mounted on cork One with a Tillandsia $45 See shipping info. above

We have many different Bulbophyllums mounted which is a very favorable way to grow them.  Look on the Bulbophyllum web page

Bulbophyllum A-doribil Ring
Mounted on cork $45 See shipping info. above 

Bulb. A-doribil Candy x Bulb annandalei 'D&B' CHM/AOS
Crphm A-doribil Candy x Cirr annandalei 'G+S'
Mounted on cork $35 See shipping info. above 
On Cholla Wood        On Cedar  
Flower Close Up
Bulb. lasciochilum
Miniature from Indian, Burman, Thailand & Malaysia
This has very small pseudobulbs and leaves
Blooms from the new mature pseudobulbs and is fragrant
This is growing in a bright but indirect light and goes from cool to hot
Mounted on Cholla wood from Mexico
Mounted on Cedar slat - miniature orchid
Can also be grown in a wood basket
$35 & $45 See shipping info. above 
  Bulb. lilacenum
From Northern Penninsular Malaysia & Thailand
This is growing in a bright but indirect light and goes from cool to hot
Blooms in the fall, several flowers
Mature plants
mounted on cork
$35 See shipping info. above 
Coelogyne fimbriata mounted on Cholla wood
This fimbriata is from Thailand
The Fringed Coelogyne
It is growing very well on this Cholla wood that is from Mexico.
It is growing in a more shaded area
Mounted on Cholla wood that is from Mexico $45 See shipping info. above
  Den. jenkinsii
Mature plant that has bloomed.  Tiny growing plant.  Mounted on wire.  Water as it dries.  Has been growing well in bright light
The plant grows & stays very small.  The blooms are small rounded yellow/gold.  Very good for small growing space.
Hainan China, Assam, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Myanmar and Laos
This is a miniature plant - mounted on wire - Has bloomed $35 See shipping info. above
Den. unicum 3N       The Unique Dendrobium
Mature - Miniature plants - Some have bloomed - growing great   Have small orange blooms
From Vietnam, Laos, Myanman and Thailand
Mounted, mature, miniature plants $25 See shipping info. above

Encyclia cordigera
From Mexico and more
Winter and spring, fragrant flowers that bloom from the mature pseudobulb.
 Growing them mounted seems to suit them very well - they grow great, showing their rounded pseudobulbs and their prolific roots

Also have one mounted with Tillandsia
$45 See shipping info. above

Gomesa crispa
Native to Brazil 
Green Yellow Fragrant blooms
blooms in Summer or Fall 
Cool growing
Mature with several growths, mounted on cork
Short growing plant
$35 See shipping info. above
Lockhartia imbricata
All of these are on Sale.
See Sale web page
$25 See shipping info. above 
  Liparis bootanensis
bloom spike holds several blooms that are chartreuse / green
Spring / Summer bloomer
Grows very well in Intermediate temps
Mounted on Chola Wood $25
Mature plants
See shipping info. above

Liparis condylobulbon
Mounted on cedar slab, growing well
And we have it mounted on Chola Wood
$45 in bud/bloom

$25 in bud
See shipping info. above 
  Myrmecophila tibicinis 'Midnight'  Another tibicinis
Was originally listed under Schomburgkia

Bifoliate, very short stock growth
Blue - purple
Lots of good growth
See shipping info. above
  We have Onc flexuosum
and Onc excavatum
and Onc Kukoo mounted and listed on the Oncidium web page
  (P.) Pleurothallis navicularis  Now loranthophylla 
From Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
See the picture.  Please notice all of this orchids structure.  Very interesting.
The blooms are in late winter and early spring
Mounted $35 See shipping info. above

Slc. Rajah's Ruby 'Sweetheart'
Clusters of 3″ - 4 orange / red blooms.
Plants are fairly compact growers.
Blooms generally late winter/early spring.
Mounted $49.95
See shipping info. above 

On Cedar    


Zootrophion argus
This is an orchid that has a pretty and interesting plant growth.  See the picture.  It has been easy to grow both mounted and potted.
You are encouraged to buy this and add this good orchid to your collection.

Mounted on cedar slab

$35 See shipping info. above
  Laelia lobata alba White, ruffled petals and trumpet lip A Brazilian species   This takes a lot of light.  In nature it is found in full sun.  Spring boomer   Good Fragrance SOLD    
  Blc. Hawaiian Passion 'Carmela' SOLD    
  Angraecum Lemforde 'White Beauty' (magdalenae x sesquipidale) x Angraecum superbum Large waxy white blooms with long spur from the back of the bloom.  Has a very pleasant night fragrance. SOLD    
  Pot. Goldernell x Lc. Tokyo Magic SOLD    
  C. Snow Blind 'Kenny' FCC/AOS  Famous  Highly sought after Cattleya
Fragrant  aka C walkeriana 'Kenny' FCC/AOS  Blooms in June
  Blc. Dean Martin 'Gigas' Sold    
  Laelia anceps From Mexico and Honduras  Hot to warm Sold    
  Encyclia Orchid Jungle (alata x phoenicea) SOLD    
Dendrophylax funalis commonly called the Corded Ghost Orchid. It is a leafless plant, only showing the roots.  These roost do like to have sunlight.  The bloom is very small at 2 1/4" and is fragrant. sold

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Dale and Phyllis Erikson  Still growing and enjoying orchids after more than 30 years

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