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Many of our orchids are going to bloom soon, especially Cattleyas.
Come to the greenhouse or order these to be shipped to you.

Shipping:  The shipping charge to the customer is exactly what the shipping cost is, plus $10 for boxing.  (more for very large boxes)   Usually shipped by US Post Office Priority Mail

Cattleya Page 1
Description Size Price


Blc. Hausermann’s Holiday ‘Christmas’ (James Hausermann x Lisa Irene) 
Beautiful very large dark lavender blooms with large ruffled darker lavender and yellow lips.    
The larger plants really put on a show, usually blooming in December.            
Very Fragrant

Blc. Hausermann's Holiday 'Ishpeming' (James Hausermann x Lisa Irene)
lavender, Sep - Nov Vibrant, Large 6" + blooms. Fall Bloomer
8" pot
 4 New Growths!!
$85 See shipping info. above

Lc. Irene Finney ‘Spring's Best’ AM/AOS
(Bruno Alberts x C.J.A. Carbone)
This is a 1964 cross

Large, two tone lavender blooms!
Flower Size is about 6-7" across. Truly one of the best Spring Blooming Lavender Cattleyas Ever! Famous in the Orchid world.    
Description from Wildcatt: lavender, lip deep lavender, edged lighter lavender, throat golden centrally, changing to white on sides, with pleasing lavender edges.
                     Wonderful Fragrance

One smaller 8" pot remaining.  Not in bloom at this time

and some 6" ones

Price reduced on our smaller 8" pot to $75

6" pots $65
See shipping info. above 

Blc. Emily Shupe
(Lc. George Baldwin x Mem. Crispum Rosales)
Large lavenders
Fall bloomer around Nov.
8" pot
6" pot

See shipping info. above  

Blc. American Freedom 'Crystelle' AM/AOS (Sc. Adi Lady Lala x Rsc Star of Bethlehem) 
This Blc has been reclassified to Rsc.
The parents of Lc. Adi Lady Lala are (C. Nigrescent x Lc. Drumbeat)
The parents of the beautiful lavender Blc Star of Bethlehem are (Oconee x Blc Elizabeth Off)
One 6"pot - mature blooming size orchid
Picture is this plant

See shipping info. above

Large Lavender Blooms Blc. (Lc. Irene Finney 'Springs Best' x Blc. Morning Glory)
From the Irene Finney comes large lavender blooms and from the Morning Glory are long more narrow leaves
listed on
 Sale Orchids webpage
Blc. Magic of Mishima 'Volcano Queen'
Tones of lavender
Only have one each
6" pot
8" pot


See shipping info. above

Blc. Yonges Island 'Newberry'
We have one plant of this in a 6" pot
See picture of when this bloomed

See shipping info. above

Lc. (C. amethystoglossa alba x Lc. Molly Tyler alba FCC/RHS AOS (Mrs W N Elkins x Leda)
See how tall this bifoliate is.  Multiple blooms that stand up and are easy to see
One 10"
Largest one SOLD

See shipping info. above

C. bowringiana x Blc. Zee Crabe (or Crabbe)
Some of ours when they bloomed.  Lavender
Another tall bifoliate
6" Pot
8" Pot
See shipping info. above
  C. Arthur E. Miles (C Sagana x C mossiae)
Medium size lavender
1 - 8" $85 See shipping info. above
C. gaskilliana x Fegla or Fasla
Picture is of our larger plant that won a blue ribbon in a 2016 spring orchid show

C. Irene Holguin (C. Astral Beauty x C. JA Carbone)
This is a 1969 hybrid

1 - 8" $85 See shipping info. above
(C. Joan Holloway x C. Edith) x (C. Dorothy Mackaill x C. Ruth Gee)
Picture is of this plant
1 - 8" $85 See shipping info. above
C. Ricon Hill x Lc. Bonanza
Dark lavender
One of ours when it bloomed
Wonderful fragrance


See shipping info. above
  C. Roy Hausermann (J.A. Carbone x Arlene Marie)
Older hybrid, Dark lavender  1978 hybrid
1 - 6" $65 See shipping info. above
  C. warneri      Species
Fragrant  lavender 8" blooms
late spring / early summer bloomer
1 - 6" $125 See shipping info. above
Lc Adolph Hecker

 1 - 6" $65 See shipping info. above
Lc. Carras (Lc Bonanza x Molly Tyler)
Fall/winter  lavender
Picture is of one of ours when it bloomed in October

Has a wonderful fragrance
8" $85 See shipping info. above
Slc. Kermit Hernlund (Slc. Soft Glow x Lc. Supreme)
Our plants had blooms in Dec and Jan and also Feb
Very pleasant fragrance
1 - 8" $85 See shipping info. above
  Slc. Kermit 1 - 6" $85 See shipping info. above
Blc. Ronald Hausermann 'Betty Jo'
James Hausermann x Mem. Roselyn Reismar)
Large lavender blooms. 
Broad leaves
1 - 6"
 new growth


See shipping info. above 

Blc. Taichung Beauty
I took this picture when one of these orchids bloomed.
Buy and enjoy the blooms
Two - 6" pots
Mature plants with new growth
$65 See shipping info. above 
Blc. Edisto Mendenhall
Mounted on cork
See Mounted Orchids    
  Bsn. Joyce Headley (Gur. Bowringiana x B. perrinii)
Bifoliate and Unifoliate
Lavender, multifloral bowringiana hybrid
2 - 6" $50 See shipping info. above 


C. Brabantiae Banderantes SM/JOGA (aclantiae x loddigesii)
Shorter Cattleya
1- 4 1/2" clay orchid pot $55 See shipping info. above 
  Ctna. Jamaica Joy var. alba 'Full Moon' x Psy. (Psychilis) atropurpurea 'Hamlyn'
(Psy. formerly under Epidendrum)
Psy. atropurpurea is from the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  This is a small growing orchid.
Small growing orchid, full of growths


See shipping info. above 


Encyclia Summer Stars
2  1/2"  Blooming Size,  Cute $35 See shipping info. above 


Lc. Canhamiana 4N x Eximia 4N
Fragrant  Light violets   Late Spring bloomer
Young plants


See shipping info. above
Lc. Shauna Gialluisi 'Steve' (Acker's Madison x Mini Purple)
This plant has bloomed more than once in a year
These blooms last longer than is usual for a Cattleya
We have had the 8" bloom more than once in 12 months 
listed on
 Sale Orchids webpage



Lc. (Susan Holguin ‘Mystique’ (Lc Jose Dias Castro x C. J A Carbone) x
Lc Within Reach ‘Bright Promise’
(Lc Susan Holguin x Lc Drumbeat)
Older hybrid
Medium to dark lavender

This is a Stewart Orchids cross Number 19559
This is a combination of two lavenders.

1 - 8" $95 See shipping info. above 
  Lc. Tristar Bouquet 'Hawaii'
Medium size lavender flowers on strong spike
Three mature plants
in 6" pots
In sheath


See shipping info. above 
narrow petals, such as nodosa has. Star shaped blooms.   *

Pot. Royston Frolic (Slc. Katie's Cutie x B. nodosa)

Have a division of a mature plant in 4" pot $25 See shipping info. above


Bc Maikai Louise AM/AOS
(B. nodosa x C. bowringiana)
One in a decorative 6" pot
One in a 4 1/2 clay
These are in sheath

See shipping info. above

Cattleya Species




C. bowringeana       Species Orchid
This lavender species is found in Central America, has a bulbous base on the pseudobulb and produces several flowers on each spike.  Grows on trees as well as rocks and as a terrestrial orchid.  This grows very well and easily.  A good choice for the beginner as well as the expert grower.  Has an interesting way of growing new growth and the blooms.

C. bowringiana 'Pink Elf' x
C. bowringiana 'Newberry Blue'
Species - Primary Hybrid
C. bowringiana is from Belize and Guatemala
This is a lovely species cross. 
See description above of bowringiana.
6" division


See shipping info. above 
Cross of Two species - Primary Hybrid C. loddigesii 'Blue Sky' AM/AOS x C. schilleriana var coerulea 'Orchidglade'
2-Have bloomed $45 See shipping info. above 
Cross of Two species - Primary Hybrid C. loddigesii x Mcp. (Myrmecophila) brysiana syn Schomburgkia
Bifoliate, blooms Winter/Spring
C. loddigesii is from Brazil to Argentina and more
Mcp. brysiana is from Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia and more
This is on
 Sale Orchids
web page

Cattleya mossiae 'Willowbrook' FCC/AOS
National flower of Venezuela
Has large, well shaped, strong floral fragrant, deep magenta flowers

One last plant Wonderful
7 1/2" pot
Has 4 New Growths
  Gur. Guatemalensis (Gur. skinneri var. alba x Gur. aurantiaca)
Also Known as Cattleya Guatemalensis (C. skinneri var. alba x C. aurantiaca)
Expect a winter blooming salmon colored bloom in clusters. Good grower with multiple growths
1-8" $85 See shipping info. above 


Cattleya patinii var alba 'Elizabeth' x self
Rare form of species  These are mini size to compact growing. 
Not available Temporarily   See shipping info. above
  C. skinneri 'Carpinteria' x self FCC/AOS
This national flower of Costa Rica
Has beautiful fragrant velvet like Lavender blooms.  Ours blooms in late winter to early spring
1 - 6" $85 See shipping info. above 
  Encyclia bractescens
Mature  Has bloomed
From Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala
One $35 See shipping info. above 


Laelia lyonsii
Now under Schomburgkia lyonsii
Bifoliate, Medium tall
From Cuba and Jamaica
The 6" is on
 Sale Orchids
web page
Also have it in 8"
Has new growth

See shipping info. above
  Laelia marginata x sib
Now under Schomburgkia crispa
Bifoliate, medium height
From Colombia, Venezuela, Northern Brazil and more
This is on
 Sale Orchids
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  Laelia purpurata var semi alba
From Brazil
1-4" $65 See shipping info. above 


Laelia purpurata 'Pinkie' x purpurata 2 - 6"
Mature plants
New growth
$65 See shipping info. above 
  Laelia purpurata
White with various shades of purple
Grows in intermediate temperatures in bright light
Blooming time is Spring  Fragrant
Young plant
$20 See shipping info. above

Will be tall bloom spikes with a group of blooms at the top that are lavender with curving narrow petals. Has interesting long darker lip with ribbed yellow down center of lip. 

Laelia superbiens which has been moved to Schomburgkia
Do you like wonderful, full, fresh looking pseudo bulbs?  Then you will like these wonderful ones.  Has not bloomed yet, but has good looking growth.
Also have a group of young ones growing wonderfully well in 4" pots

$30 & $45
See shipping info. above 
Orange with narrow twisted petals Mcp. brysiana 'Orange Belle' AM/AOS x self
Bifoliate and Trifoliate, short, stocky
From Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia
This is on
 Sale Orchids
web page
  Schom. tibicinis  Now under Myrmecophila tibicinis 
"The Trumpet Player's Schomburgkia "
From Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Colombia often in full sun, better to give less water through the winter
This is on
 Sale Orchids
web page
  Myrmecolaelia (Laelia × Myrmecophila) fuchsii (L. rubescens x Mcp. (Myrmecophila) wendlandii) 
This is a natural hybrid
This is on
 Sale Orchids
web page
  Bl. (L. fidelensis x B.digbyana) SOLD    
  Brassovola Little Stars (nodosa x cordata)  SOLD    
  Brassovola digbyana '#2' SOLD    
  Blc. Mem. Grant Eichler 'Lenette' HCC/AOS (Blc. James Hausermann x Lc. Irene Finney) SOLD    
  Blc. Generation Gap ‘102087’ x Blc. Goldenzelle ‘Passion’ SOLD    
  Blc. Goldenzelle x Blc. Silvia Frye 'Supreme' AM/AOS SOLD    
  Blc. Meditation (Bc Deesse x Lc Fedora) x Slc. Red Princess (C Hawaiian Variable x Sl Red Doll)  SOLD    
  Blc. Dean Martin 'Gigas'  SOLD    
  Blc. Igers Sweet Revenge 'Puanani' SOLD    
  Blc. (John Mossman x Blc. Mem. Grant Eichler) (Blc James Hausermann x Lc Irene Finney) SOLD    
  Blc. Mac Holmes 'Newberry' SOLD    
  Blc. Bennisume SOLD    
  Blc. Blackberry Lane  SOLD    
  Blc. Ronald Hausermann ‘Addison’ AM/AOS (James Hausermann x Mem. Roselyn Reismar) SOLD    
  Blc. Bryce Canyon 'Splendiferous' x Blc.Mem. Crispin Rosales 'Pine Knot' AM/AOS now named Blc. Cornerstone SOLD    
  Blc. Amy Wakasugi x Lc John MacArthur SOLD    
  Blc. (Lc. John MacArthur (C. Califlora x Lc. Irene Finney) x Blc. Mem. Grant Eichler (Blc. James Hausermann x Lc. Irene Finney) SOLD    
  Blc. Liese Pigors (Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales x C. JA Carbone) x Lc. Drumbeat 'Triumph' AM/AOS  SOLD    
  Blc. Lucky Strike 'Saravuth'  SOLD    
  Blc. Jerri Ann Richard 'Ruby Lips'  (Lc. Drumbeat x Emily Shupe) SOLD    
  Blc. Platinum Sun '0-1' AM/AOS x Blc. California Girl 'Orchid Library'  SOLD    
  Blc. (Mem. Grant Eichler x John MacArthur) SOLD    
  Blc. Mem. Susan Hawkins(Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales x Blc. Oconee)  SOLD    
  Blc. (Lc. Howard’s Luck (C. Porcia x Blc. Norman’s Bay) x Blc. Challenge (Blc. Blanche Okamoto x Lc. Edgard Van Belle))    SOLD    
  Blc. Ronald's Canyon 'Koko Head' AM/AOS SOLD    
  Blc. Momilani Rainbow x Schomburgkia wallisi SOLD    
  Brm. Jamaica Fire (Ctna. Why Not x Mcp. brysiana) SOLD    
  C. lueddemanniana 'Aerodactyl' HCC/AOS x self   SOLD    
  C. Chocolate Drop 'Kodama' x C. Pink Elephant SOLD    
  C. skinneri semi-alba SOLD    
  C. guttata var leopoldii SOLD    
  C. skinneri var alba 'San Jose'   SOLD    
  C. lueddemanniana ‘Treasure Found’ x C. JA Carbone ‘Maer Famillia’ (C. mossiae x C. Prospector) This was named C Lisa Ann Thompson in 2006 SOLD    
  Encyclia Orchid Jungle 'Dale' AM/AOS x Enc recurvata  SOLD    
  Lc Drumbeat 'Heritage' HCC/AOS & CCM/AOS & CCE/AOS (Lc. Bonanza x C. Horace) SOLD    
  Lc. Margaret Miller x Lc. John MacArthur (C. Califlora x Lc Irene Finney)  provisional name is Lc Margaret Miller-Lines  SOLD    
   Lc. Grosnez (Lc. Drumbeat x Lc Culminant) SOLD    
  Lc. Bryan Wheeler 'Grandson' HCC/AOS & CCM/AOS (Lc. Irene Finney x Lc. Harold Carlson)   SOLD    
  Lc. Spring Angel   (Lc Casitas Spring 'Linden' AM/AOS x C Angelwalker) SOLD    
  Laelia purpurata var. Schusteriana '#16' SOLD    
  Lc Wolterae (L anceps 'Falcon'  x C loddigesii var harrisoniae 'Impassionata')  SOLD    
  Lc. Betty Ford 'York' (Nigrescent x Barbara's Delight) SOLD    
  Lc. Sharon Shutty Wright 'Anchors Away' (Betty Ford x Dorothy Fiene) SOLD    
  Lc. Bryan Wheeler 'Addison Trail' (Lc. Irene Finney x Lc. Harold Carlson) SOLD    
  Lc. Christmas Bouquet ‘3993’ (C. percivaliana x Lc Mini Purple) SOLD    
  Lc. Rosie’s Surprise 'Crestview' (Lc. Irene Finney ‘Spring’s Best’ AM/AOS x C. walkeriana var. alba)  SOLD    
  Lc. Ptarmigan Ridge 'Mendenhall' x Lc. Mem. Grant Eichler 'Lenette' HCC/AOS  SOLD    
  Lc. Justin Lee Wheeler (Lc. Betty Ford x Lc. Lake Chabaneau) SOLD    
  Lc. Acker’s Madison ‘Kyle’ x (Slc. Stacy Miyamoto x Ctna Keith Roth SOLD    
  Laelia Pulcherima var alba '053005' SOLD    
  Laelia purpurata x Cattleya loddigesii  SOLD    
  Laelia purpurata var werkhauseri 'Violet Color'   SOLD    
  Laelia tenebrosa SOLD    
  Laelia alaorii SOLD    
  Laelia lobata alba SOLD    
  Pot. (Blc. Liese Pigors (Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales x C. JA Carbone) x Slc. Hermann Pigors) (Slc. Kermit Hernlund x Lc Oakland)  SOLD    
  Slc. Love Castle 'Kurenai' SOLD    
  Slc. Best Friend 'Cleopatra'  SOLD    

Cattleya amethystoglossa ‘Camino Real’ AM/AOS x ‘H&R Supreme’ AM/AOS

  Cattleya amethystoglossa 4N SOLD    

Cattleya mossiae v. coerulea x sib  4N


Cattleya mossiae ‘H&R’ 4N x mossiae 4N



Cattleya lueddemanniana ‘Fred’s Dark’ x sib  Venezuela Fragrant

   C. jenmanii var coerulea Rare form of a graceful unifoliate species.
Blue-hued 5” blooms, long slender, ruffled lip. Very fragrant. Winter. 
  Bc. Myrtle Sammy (B. subulifolia x C bowringiana) not available    

Blc. (Bl. Richard Mueller 4N x C. mossiae 4N)

White, narrow star shaped petals, broad lip
No picture - has not bloomed yet    
Bc. Nanipuakea 'Dogashima' (B. nodosa x C Hardyana (C. dowiana x C. warscewiczii) ) White Has the nodosa narrow upright stiff style of leaves SOLD    
Creamy white star shaped petals with broad lip       Bc. Sea Mist (B. nodosa x C. luteola) Has the nodosa narrow upright stiff style of leaves SOLD    
  Blc. Calm Seas '1795' x C. Ruth Gee 'Grandma'   S 19573  FRAGRANT  We acquired these plants directly from a trip to Stewart Orchids many years ago. These are from seed, they are not clones.  All of these orchids came directly from Stewart Orchids.  Some are lavender and some are white.  This is the lavender one None right now    

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