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Introducing people to our new collection of orchid species and hybrids.
Many from other countries
Come to the greenhouse to be introduced to these delightful and amazing orchids

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Usually shipped by US Post Office Priority Mail 
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Description Size Price Shipping
NEW ORCHID Blc. Chia Lin 'Shinsu #1' AM-JOGA (Oconee x Maitland)
Full round, 6" dark red blooms, with ruffled edges on the petals and lip with golden veining.
This is a great red
Large blooms
8" Great, Full, Mature Plants $85 See shipping info. above


Lc. Hausermann's Sultan 'Summer Spectacular' HCC/AOS (Kencolor x C. guttata)
Blooms are held above the plant
Waxy texture blooms

Natural Summer Bloomer Has a GREAT SPICY FRAGRANCE! A Truly Spectacular Cattleya Flower size approx. 4" across

One - 6 1/2"


See shipping info. above 
NEW ORCHID Hknsa. Koolau Sunset 'Hawaii' AM/AOS (Slc. Mae Hawkins x Ctna Keith Roth)  
Velvety dark burgundy red blooms,
Flower size approx 2-2.5" across
Compact Grower-Under 14" Tall,
Often blooms twice a year when mature.
Fall and Spring.
Have one mature plant in 5" pot $50 See shipping info. above 

Slc. Rajah's Ruby 'Sweetheart'
Clusters of 3″ - 4” orange / red blooms.
Plants are fairly compact growers.
Blooms generally late winter/early spring.
Mounted $49.95
See shipping info. above 
Slc. Jewel Box 'Dark Waters' AM/AOS (C aurantiaca x Slc Anzac)
Wonderful red blooms    Absolutely delightful   Compact plant   Excellent growth habit

Really Red Blooms! Compact and easy growing. Growth is close together so that it makes a full pot.  Flower Size is approx. 3" across.

6" $65 for smaller ones
$85 for larger ones
See shipping info. above 

Pot. Elaine Taylor 'Krull-Smith' FCC/AOS 
Last two -
Now last one
4 3/4"
Divisions of mature plant
$55 See shipping info. above 

Slc. Ann Komine 'Breathless' AM/AOS
Last plant
4 3/4" pot

Near blooming size


See shipping info. above

Lc. Bonanza 'Texan' x C. Chocolate Drop  'NOK'
Chocolate Drop is a famous dark chocolate red
Strong pretty growth bifoliate and unifoliate 
Picture is from where they bloomed in January 2013.  Color appeared consistent from plant to plant.
Great mature plant,
Has bloomed
$85 See shipping info. above 

Blc. Dennis Kone 'Lake View'
Clusters of 3" - 4" waxy red flowers
Great red
4" Std pot
Growing great
Near blooming size
$45 See shipping info. above 


Ctna. Jamaica Red 'Island Jewel' (Bro sanguinea x Ctna Keith Roth) 
Mini red  Fall-Winter (and have seen some bloom in Spring)
Miniature-under 12"  Blooms small, round, full 
Since this remains small even as mature plant, it can be mounted
Ctna Why Not 'Because' (C aurantiaca x Bro sanguinea)
Mini Red - Under 12" tall
Background information:
Cattleya aurantiaca: From El Salvador & Mexico, 300 - 1600 meters, mtn rain forests on rocks, trees in extreme heat & cold. In some regions can self polinate
Broughtonai sanguinea: From Jamaica & Cuba, sea level - 800 meters, small size, hot to warm growing epiphite
All this makes up this small plant
More growths $45

Less growths $35

See shipping info. above
Slc. Anduril 'Krull's Scarlet' x Pot (Jim Krull x Elaine Taylor)
Mini Red
Has bloomed
Mature plants/have bloomed
$35 See shipping info. above

Slc Red Berry   Mini Red    Spring Bloomer

Blc. Murray Spencer 'ArmRoys Dark Star' FCC/AOS SOLD    
  Lc. Carolyn Reid 'Lynchburg'  Beautiful dark red.  These are divisions of a large plant.  SOLD    
  Smbc (Schomburgkia) Dulatiaca 'Lava Flow' AM.AOS  Dark red, waxy blooms   Bloomed in Feb/March Sold    
  Pot. Spring Fires (Lc. Fires of Spring x Lc Fire Island) x Pot. Carolina Splendor (Pot. Waikiki Splendor x Blc. Oconee)   From seed Bifoliate  This is a Lenette cross #3112 Spring Fires is a 1984 cross   Carolina Splendor is a 1992 Lenette cross.  An AOS des. of Carolina Splendor  fragrant, star-shaped flowers, wine red, ruffled petals, lip beet purple with heavily ruffled edges, throat old gold.  This cross with Carolina Splendor is one to collect





Pot. Mem. Harriet George 'Glendale Heights' (George's Jewel x Mem. Deana Sanders) Gorgeous orange with dark red ruffled lip.  Winter bloomer SOLD    


Pot George's Jewel x C Chocolate Drop
Dark red with darker red lip
  Blc. Mary Ragan 'Ponkan' x Pot. Elaine Taylor 'Krull-Smith' FCC/AOS  SOLD    
Pot. Alyce Kaiser 'Red Dawn'  (Makaha Dawn x Lc. Lisa Ann)
Compact size, brick red
  Pot Hey Song 'Tian Mu' AM/AOS  Red  SOLD    
Blc. Owen Holmes (Blc. Harlequin x Blc. Oconee)
The Owen Holmes has been awarded HCCs, and AMs.  Large brick red with yellow 'eyes' in lip.  Fragrant, large blooms
Hknsa. Koolau Sunset 'Hawaii' AM/AOS (Slc. Mae Hawkins x Ctna Keith Roth)
Compact, under 16" tall, dark red blooms
  Pot. Mem. Shel Newberger 'Northbrook'
 (Blc. Susan Stromsland x Slc. Vallezac)

Slc. Jeweler’s Art ‘Carved Coral’ AM/AOS (Lc. Drumbeat x Sc. Doris) Beautiful Coral Colored to peach, 4" flowers.  When well grown, 3 - 5 flowers per stem.  1981 Stewart Inc. cross

Blc. Oconee'Mendenhall' AM/AOS (Lc Belle of Celle x Blc. Norman’s Bay)  
This is a famous 1976 cross
This special orchid has been used to create many hybrids which have gone on to receive awards.  Good on it's own and good for hybridizing. 
Dark Red
Blc. Oconee 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS x Blc Royal Reason 'Dark Tower'
Dark shades of Red. 

Blc. Chia Lin ‘New City’ AM/AOS (Blc. Oconee x Blc. Maitland)  1987 cross
This is a very popular fragrant large red
AOS Description: Three flowers on one inflorescence; sepals and petals ruby red; lip garnet with buttercup-yellow striations in throat; column white tipped ruby red; substance heavy; texture crystalline.

  Pot. (Royal Emperor 'Wade' AM/AOS x Pot Sally Taylor) 
A combination of two great reds.  The AOS description of Royal Emperor 'Wade' is vibrant ruby-red flowers, deeply ruffled, deep gold midway in throat, shading into red black deep in throat, very heavy substance.
Slc. Wendy's Valentine 'June' HCC/AOS  4 inch deep scarlet red flowers with bright yellow in lip SOLD    


Slc. Jewel Box ‘Little Red’ (C. aurantiaca x Anzac) SOLD OUT SOLD    
  Blc. Black Galaxy 'Symphonic' AM/AOS x Blc Hawaiian Darkie  Red crossed with  red SOLD    


Pot. (George’s Jewel x Carolina Splendor)
This is an orange red with yellow flaring from the center. Darker lip. Compact plant.


Blc. Port Royal Sound ‘Night Rider’ AM/AOS (Lc. Amber Glow x Blc. Oconee) SOLD    
  Blc. Orglade's Julie (Lc. Royal Emperor x Blc. Owen Holmes) SOLD    
  Blc. (Fred Stewart x Blc. Dinsmore) Linda Ritter  SOLD    
Pot. Melinda Funke 'Patrick'  Orange / red SOLD    
Blc. Port Royal Sound 'Big Red' (Oconee x Lc Amber Glow)
Beautiful large red.  Fragrant
  Hknsa Hsinying Why Not (Slc. Wendy's Valentine x Ctna Why Not) The growth pattern fills the pot with medium height growth and puts out several new growths.  It blooms several blooms from one sheath and can put on quite a show.  This is a combination of two orchids that are red with a yellow center that bloom in clusters. SOLD    

Pot. Jeanette Marie (Blc Oconee x Pot Free Spirit)
Red overlapping petals with yellow lines in the broad frilled lip

Slc. Alyssa Nehemie (Lc. Fancy Lady x Slc. Wendy's Valentine)
Dark red to orange
                   Pot. (Mem. Billy Perryman (Blc. Bouton D'or x Slc George Hausermann) x Slc. Wendy's Valentine) 
This is a cross that Lenettes did to honor Billy Perryman. 
These are from seed therefore some blooms have been larger. Blooms on a small compact plant.  Beautiful red with yellow on the outside and center of trumpet shaped lip.
These have new growth and sheathing
Sadly, there are no more of these. 
All Sold

Slc. Jewel Box 'Scheherazade' (C aurantiaca x Slc Anzac) AM/AOS, AM/ROS, HCC/AOS, HCC/ODC  Even as a mature plant, these remain small.  This is a rich orange-red; w/ full, dark, rose-red lip with slight yellow veining mini Cattleya that was crossed in 1962 by Stewart Orchids and awarded in 1969. SOLD    

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