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Pinks to Purple
Description Size Price


Broughtonia sanguinea v. aurea x sanguinea 'Star Splash'
Excellent combination of yellows with red flared petals. 
Mini plants with tall spikes.
Warm, bright light
Can be mounted, potted or grown in a basket

Picture is of one blooming in July 2015

4" pot
In bloom
$35 See shipping info. above


Blc. Marcella Koss 'Pink Marvel' AM/AOS (C. Bob Betts x Languedoc) 
This is a lovely bloom.  It has light pink to lavender blooms with ribbing in the petals.  The lip is gold-orange in the center surrounded by cream then the pink-lavender and a very frilled lip.   
This is a good size bloom Fall blooming   Just bloomed - Wonderful - Fragrant

 Wonderful mature plant in 6" pot
with new growth
$65 See shipping info. above
NEW Orchid
Blc. Triumphal Coronation 'Seto' (Lc. Drumbeat 'Heritage' x Blc. Pamela Hetherington 'Coronation' FCC/AOS)

Beautiful blooms

Don't pass up this opportunity
6" pot
Mature plant
$50 See shipping info. above

NEW Orchid
Lc. Sylvan Sprite 'Blythe Spirit' HCC/AOS (Lc. Puppy Love x L. rubescens)
This is a 1980 Stewart Orchids cross.
Lovely long lasting blooms on tall spike.  
Light pink to a light lavender. 
Blooms summer, fall. The bifoliate plant growth has tall pseudo bulbs with long leaves that curve downward.  Lovely style of growth.                   
Very fragrant and long lasting flowers. Fragrance fills the air around
It does best with very bright indirect light.
We recommend this for you to add to your collection
1-8" $65 See shipping info. above

Blc. (Lc. Margaret Miller x Blc. Mem. Grant Eichler)
parents of Blc. Mem. Grant Eichler are Blc. James Hausermann x Lc. Irene Finney

This is an older cross made by Lenette's Orchids

These blooms measure 6"
Large lavender - pink blooms with golden yellow in the center of the lip

Have two in 6" pots
One has a young sheath
Mature plants
$65 See shipping info. above

Lc. Acker's Madison x Bish. Donovan Bennet

Bish. stands for Bishopara which is a combination of Broughtonia x Cattleya x Sophronitis
Lovely pink to lavender & yellows 3 1/2" - 4" with clusters of blooms    
Beautiful bifoliate plants. 
Very sweet blooms, similar to picture
Last plant - 6"


See shipping info. above 

Bc. Deborah Smith (C. Lucille Small x Bc. Mount Hood)
x Blc. Beauford Fisher
(Lc. Walter Slagle x Bc. Mount Hood)
Beauford Fisher is a 1971 Rod McLellan cross Beautiful medium pink/lavender

Last one sold SOLD  


Blc. Spring Dawn 'Top Row' (Malibu Gem x Boudoir) x Mahina Yahiro 'Ulii' AM/AOS
         now named Pete's Pink

Lovely soft to dark pink with lavender tones with yellow in the lip.


Two 8"
Wonderful plants
Wonderful blooms



See shipping info. above 

Blc. Spring Dawn 'Top Row' (Malibu Gem x Boudoir) x Beauford Fisher 'Rococo' AM/AOS (Walter Slagel x Mount Hood) 

Beautiful medium pink to lavender with yellow in the large frilled lip
Spring Dawn x Beauford Fisher has been named Annie Belle
Has received an AOS award.    Fragrant
Have one plant of this.  In 6" pot with new growths $65 See shipping info. above
Blc Annie Belle 'Krull Smith' AM/AOS x Blc Mary Alice Underwood 'KPP' FCC/AOS SOLD    


C. Clarissa (C. loddigesii ‘Impassionata’ x C. mendelii ‘Model’) 
This is an old 1902 Chamberlain cross from
Stewart Orchids #196049
We purchased a tray of these directly from Stewart Orchids many years ago. 
These are from seed.  Blooms have some variations, but are very similar.
Light to medium lavender petals with a creamy, darker lavender and gold color frilled lip.
Our older plants have bloomed more than once in a year.  These are medium tall bifoliates. 




See shipping info. above 

Lc. George Baldwin 'Prolific' (Lc. Princess Margaret x C. Enid)
This is a 1941 Baldwin Inc cross.  
The bloom is very wide, about 6" and this comes from a parent, Princess Margaret, that has large blooms.  Blooming time is around Late Summer / Early Fall also has bloomed later in the year    Fragrant - Wonderfu

None available

Blc. Canyon Royal ‘Future Star’ (Blc. Bryce Canyon x Blc. Murray Spencer) x Blc. Tribute ‘Independence Day’ (Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales x C. Horace)
From Seed
This is a Stewart Orchids cross #S105222. Canyon Royal is a 1986 Armacost cross.  Picture of what bloom has looked like. 
These are truly amazing blooms.   Pinks to Lavenders
Blooming has been in late summer and also other times of year
Picture is representative of color of the blooms.  They go from Pinks to Lavenders.




See shipping info. above 
Lavender to pink Blc. Tribute 'Independence Day' x Blc. Media Noche 'Sure Thing'
Stewart Orchids # 198210
Have one of these that came from Stewart Orchids many years ago
One 6" pot - full- needs a larger pot
$65 See shipping info. above

C. Angelwalker ‘OC’ x B digbyana ‘Mrs Chase’
Angelwalker, white has received AOS awards and is crossed with the digbyana which gives it the notched/ruffled lip. Two good parents.
The plant grows compactly and very well in bright light.
The blooms start out very pale to white and have yellow in the lip.  They vary on how dark the bloom becomes.
This is a very special hybrid.  I strongly encourage you to get this while we have them.

They enjoy bright indirect light.                          Lovely Fragrance
Have Two

Was $125
Now $65

See shipping info. above 

Bc. (B. glauca x C. Ruth Gee 'Dallas' AM/AOS)  S 196067

This is from Stewart Orchids from a long time ago.

Picture is representative of color

6" $65  
Blc. Arthur Bossin 'Unique' (Blc Tampico x C walkeriana)
#s on tags 83194
This is a 1991 Stewart Orchids cross Number 186217


 Was $100
Now $65

See shipping info. above

C. Valentine (C. loddigesii x C. warneri) x C. Sir Jeremiah Colman (C. Ariel x C. walkeriana)
This is a Stewart cross Number A9218    
C. Valentine is a 1900 cross by Lager/Hurrell
C. Sir Jeremiah Colman is a 1976 Stewart Inc. (C. Whitlow) cross
We acquired this directly from a trip to Stewart Orchids many years ago.
The growth habit of this makes a very nice plant.  It fills in the pot and cascades over the edge of the pot. Wonderful Fragrance! 




Bc. Cindy Angel 'Purity' x Lc Irene Finney 'Springs Best'      More compact than straight Irene Finney.  This is a Stewart Orchid cross.  A pure white crossed with a pink to dark pink. The plant is short




Blc. Chian-Tzy Emperor ‘Golden Sun’ (C. Horace x Blc. Bryce Canyon)Light lavender with white and orange and darker lavender in the lip.                 Fragrant


  Pot. Don D's Bear 'Just Peachy' (Lc. Acker's Madison x Pot. Mem Deana Sanders)  We acquired this directly from a trip to Stewart Orchids many years ago.The plant growth is not tall.  It fills the pot and somewhat drapes over the edge of the pot.  Wonderful afternoon fragrance


  Blc. Rhea Thornburg 'Heritage' (Lc. Drumbeat x Bc. Mount Hood) This is a soft full shaped winter bloomer.  This has two absolutely wonderful parents in Drumbeat and Mount Hood SOLD    
  Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales x (Blc. Phinitsithakarn x Lc. Waianea Sunset)  SOLD    

Blc. Mahina Yahiro 'Mishima'

Ctna. Maui Maid x Blc. Mahina Yahiro  Compact bifoliate
Late Summer / Early Fall Bloomer

Blc. Mary Alice Underwood  FCC/AOS (Blc. Beauford Fisher x Blc. Mahina Yahiro)
This cross has won an HCC and a FCC AOS award.  An AOS description is : full, round, flat pink-lavender flowers well-arranged on one strong inflorescence; petals slightly ruffled; lip white with pink-lavender margins and yellow center; substance heavy; texture crystalline.

none available    


C. Chantilly Lace 'Sprinkles' Sold    
  Blc. California Girl x Blc. Winifred Singeo  light pink, larger flower SOLD OUT    
  Ctna. Maui Maid x L. purpurata carnea  This is a Lenette cross Number 3541  Light purple with dark purple lip.

 sold out


Slc. Marie Nahova Hollowed 'Abundance’ (Lc. Acker’s Madison x Sc. Calypso)
lovely light pink with yellow and darker pink in lip Mature These grow short, around 12" and fill the pot making attractive plants.

sold out

Slc. Marie Nahova Hollowed 'York' (Lc. Acker’s Madison x Sc. Calypso)
Light pink with some soft yellow in lip
sold out    
Blc. (Aloha Case x Hunting Island) 'Hawaii'  Compact plants with showy 4-5 inch dark reddish lavender flowers.  sold out    
Lc. (Princess Margaret x C. Summer Bay)  Beautiful delicate light lavender SOLD OUT    
  Blc. War Chant 'Mary Ellen' x Bc Phil Andrews 'Mendenhall' HCC/AOS   SOLD OUT    


Lc. Bethune (Lc Mattie Shave x Lc Elizabeth Off) SOLD OUT    
  C. Peggy Forbis 'Peggy's Blush' x C. Sans Souci 'Mendenhall'


  Lc. Bonanza Queen 'Panamint' AM/AOS x Lc Ovation 'True Heritage' SOLD OUT    
  Blc. Norman's Bay 'Gothic' AM/AOS  Lavender Sold Out    


Lc. Acker's Madison 'Kyle' SOLD OUT    


Blc. Arthur Bossin ‘Plum Pretty’ SOLD OUT    
                   Blc. Arthur Bossin ‘Rapture’ SOLD OUT    
Lc. Pink Pearl (Puppy Love x C. loddigesii)  This is a Stewart Orchids Number A9504    
Light lavender to pink with small trumpet shaped lip with dark lavender on end of lip with bright yellow deep in the lip.


Blc. Chialin Beauty 'Golden Eye' Wide lavender with dark lavender lip with golden 'eyes' in the lip.  SOLD OUT    
  Blc. Ponkan’s Southern Lady x Blc. Regal Pokai
A deep rose to purple with a light orange shading in the lip.

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