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Blc. Ports of Paradise 'Emerald Isle' FCC/AOS
(Blc. Fortune x B. digbyana) 

Yellow / green  
These grow very well. 
Larger - older plants can bloom twice in a year.
                     Very Fragrant
4 - 6"
3 - 8"

Two plants are
On Sale
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See shipping info. above 

Blc. Greenwich 'Killarney' HCC/AOS
(Lc. Ann Follis x Lester McDonald)
This picture is one of ours when it recently bloomed

Large Green bloom with red lip
Fragrant, Wonderful
6 1/2" - 7" $70 See shipping info. above

Blc. Everything Nice 'Showtime'
Striking color combination

One now
 4" std pot with new growth
$35 See shipping info. above 

Blc. Sea Swirl 'Whirlpool' HCC/AOS
(Greenwich x Mount Vernon) 
Winter bloomer
Two 8" pots
Wonderful plants
$70 See shipping info. above 
Epicyclia (Epy.) Mabel Kanda x E. belizensis
The picture is our group of these potted in decorative ceramic orchid pots measuring about 4" across.  Wonderful plants with a bulbous base.
Mabel Kanda blooms are green and rose/pink
In 4" decorative ceramic orchid pots
Near blooming size
$35 See shipping info. above
  Blc. Steve Stevenson 'Ponkan' AM/AOS x Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon'  AM/AOS  Picture is of this hybrid  Fragrant   combination of green /yellow  'Ponkan' - AOS award desc: clear concolor lime-sherbet green sepals & petals w/ waxy, very heavy substance; lip green w/ yellow-lime at throat, lighter at margins & ruffled; excellent shape    'Lemon Chiffon' AOS award description: sepals and petals intense concolor yellow; lip yellow, deep wine-red centrally radiating into golden throat; substance firm; texture matte. This one is Sold
Sad to see it go
May have its best blooms ever now
  C. Green Emerald 'Queen'  4" waxy flowers heavily covered in maroon spots with attractive magenta lip  Compact bifoliate   Very Fragrant Blooms None available    


Lc. Siamese Doll  Very FRAGRANT medium height bifoliate  blooms have dense waxy texture SOLD    
  Rlc. Golf Green 'Hair Pig' (C. Moscombe x B. digbyana) SOLD    
  Blc. Greenwich ‘Elmhurst' AM/AOS (Lc Ann Follis x Blc Lester McDonald)  SOLD    
  Blc. Adeline Ghiz 'Worcester's Pride' (Ports of Paradise x Greenwich) SOLD    
  Blc. Crowfield 'Mendenhall' (Castle Mill x C. bicolor) SOLD    

Blc. Karmaneethong ‘Green Giant’  (Blc. Ports of Paradise x Blc. Udom Gold)

  Blc. (Lc. Howard’s Luck x Challenge) SOLD    
  Blc [C. Moscombe (C. Mosner x C. Sedlescombe) x Blc Leslie Hoffman (Lc. Mem. Albert Heinecke x Blc. Green-heart)] SOLD    
  (Blc. Fortune x Blc. Chollada) x (Blc. Norma Briscoe x Toshie Aoki)  SOLD    
  (Blc. Norma Briscoe x Blc. Toshie Aoki) x (Blc. Fortune x Blc. Chollada)   SOLD    
  Blc. Moonstruck ‘Bubby’s Beauty’ x Blc. Judith Stromsland ‘Kari’ SOLD    
  Blc. Hausermann’s Paprika ‘Cherry Lips’ SOLD    
  (Blc. Bobby Ward x Udom Gold) x Blc. Sunset Glory 'Kingdom Gold' AM/AOS  SOLD    
  Blc. Taiwan Queen 'King's Monkey'  SOLD    
  Epc. Siam Jade 'AVO' AM/AOS  SOLD    
  Epidendrum tampense x self  also known as Encyclia tampenses SOLD    
  (Lc. Jungle Elf x Sc. Beaufort) 'Lakeland'  SOLD    
  Lc. Green Veil 'Dressy' (Cuiseag x Landate) SOLD    
  Pot. Haw Yuan Gold 'YKNo.2' SOLD    

Pot. Kayla's Smile 'Sunshine

  Slc. Jungle Beau ‘H&R’ (Sc. Beaufort x Lc. Jungle Elf) SOLD    
  Vaughnara Sir Walter Raleigh 'Yellow Squirt' (Bc. Daffodil x Epi. tampense alba) SOLD    

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