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The Valentine's Sale has ended, but check out these continued Sale Orchids
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        Name or Hybrid - at times the parents names      
  Blc. Murray Spencer 'ArmRoys Dark Star' FCC/AOS x Blc Tribute 'Independence Day' These are pictures from Stewart Orchids of the two parents.   Now listed on Cattleya Page 9
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  Blc. (C. bowringiana x Blc. Zee Crabe AM/AOS)

Now listed on Cattleya Page 1
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  Lc. (C. amethystoglossa alba x Lc. Molly Tyler alba FCC/RHS AOS (Mrs W N Elkins x Leda)) 

Now listed on Cattleya Page 1
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  Lc. Grand Illusion 'So Bright'  (Stephen Oliver Fouraker x Prism Palette)
Wonderful splash petal   Can be grown to a great specimen orchid This orchid is beautiful in an orchid display   Jan / Feb bloomer

All Sold
Now listed on Cattleya Page 6
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  Bc. (B. glauca x C. Ruth Gee 'Dallas' AM/AOS)  S 196067
We acquired this directly from Stewart Orchids a long time ago.

Picture is representative of color

Now listed on Cattleya Page 2
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Lc. Within Reach 'May Day' x Lake Casitas 'Spring Finery'  
Older hybrid from Stewart Orchids before they closed

Now listed on Cattleya Page 9
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  B. digbyana  Also known as Rhyncholaelia digbyana

Now listed on Cattleya Page 1, Cattleya Species
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Lc. Lc. Within Reach '11090' x Lc. Yee Yee Lam 'Summer Palace'  S 19815  Very large bloom


Blc. Blc. Portage 


Blc. Lc. Love Knot x B. digbyana

 all gone

Blc. Bryce Canyon x Blc. Jeremy Island '#3'  L3294                
From AOS award: Bryce Canyon is glistening deep raspberry-lavender, deep yellow green area from upper throat well into lip.

None left

C Picasso 'Snowball'     (C. Elizabeth Carlson x C. Nancy Gray)
We acquired this directly from a trip to Stewart Orchids many years ago.
1967 cross, Stewart Orchids #2295   White with yellow in lip, Fragrant

Sadly all of these areSOLD

C. Caroline Shields Brown
The lineage or genealogy of C Caroline Shields Brown:
The parents of Caroline Shields Brown are C. Esbetts x C Lynn Spencer
The parents of C Esbetts are C. Bob Betts x C Estelle
The parents of C Lynn Spencer are C Bob Betts x C White Blossom


Bc.    Pastoral Innocence AM/AOS & HCC/AOS & two CCMs  (C Mademoiselle Louise Pa x Bc Deesse)
A 1961 cross by R. Altenburg, a classic white, Fragrant, fringed/notched lip showing its digbyana,  and it does have the tiny line of red-purple at the bottom center of the lip.
AOS Description of bloom: Forty-eight flowers and 18 buds on 22 inflorescences, flowers white, marked with lemon yellow throat and small red-purple mark at center of lip; petals and lip pleasingly ruffled.
Sadly, these are all SOLD    
Blc. Hetherington Horace 'Heritage'        S 2807


Lc. Susan Holguin 'Arm Roys Pride' S 1303   498C



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