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Genus       Name or Hybrid - at times the parents names Price   Pot
Picture is representative of the bloom.  The color has some variation.
Bc. B. glauca x C Ruth Gee 'Dallas' AM/AOS      Specimen plant Was $325
Now $300
S 196067 8" Large plant
Bc. B. glauca x C Ruth Gee 'Dallas' AM/AOS Was $95
Now $65
S 196067 6"
Bc. B. glauca x C Ruth Gee 'Dallas' AM/AOS Was $95
Now $65
S 196067 6"
Bc. B. glauca x C Ruth Gee 'Dallas' AM/AOS Was $95
Now $65
S 196067 6"

    C. Angelwalker 'OC' x    B. digbyana 'Mrs. Chase'     See Cattleya page 2

     Pastoral Innocence AM/AOS & HCC/AOS & two CCMs  (C Mademoiselle Louise Pa x Bc Deesse)
A 1961 cross by R. Altenburg, a classic white, Fragrant, fringed/notched lip showing its digbyana,  and it does have the tiny line of red-purple at the bottom center of the lip.
AOS Description of bloom: Forty-eight flowers and 18 buds on 22 inflorescences, flowers white, marked with lemon yellow throat and small red-purple mark at center of lip; petals and lip pleasingly ruffled.
Bc. Pastoral Innocence AM/AOS                      Sadly, these are all SOLD      
Blc. Arthur Bossin 'Unique'  '83194'      See Cattleya Page 9      

Bc. Pink Sensation '21386' x Blc. Gold Country x Lc. Amber  Glow 
See Cattleya Page 9

  S 19602  
Blc. Blc. Calm Seas '1795' x C. Ruth Gee 'Grandma' AM/AOS  See Cattleya Page 9   S 19573  
Blc. Blc. Generation Gap '102087' x Blc. Goldenzelle 'Passion'    Last two  one plants Was $80
Now $65
S 198154 6"
     See Cattleya Page 9      
Blc. Blc. Goldenzelle 'Passion' x C. mendelii 'Minuet'               S 19803 6"
Blc. Bryce Canyon x Blc. Jeremy Island '#3'                    Last two one plant
From AOS award: Bryce Canyon is glistening deep raspberry-lavender, deep yellow green area from upper throat well into lip.
Was $75
Now $65
L3294 6"
This is a picture from Stewart Orchids where the orchid came from.
Blc. Hetherington Horace 'Heritage'          SOLD


S 2807  
Blc. Lc. Love Knot x B. digbyana Was $75
Now $65
B. digbyana  Also known as Rhyncholaelia digbyana
Is found in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. This takes bright light to grow and bloom well.  Has stiff leaves.   Fragrant


Blooming Size Two   6"
Blc. Lc. Rolf Altenburg 'Gloriosa' x Blc. Canyon Royal 'Summer Finery'    Have four

Was $90

S 106028 6"
Blc. Lc. Rolf Altenburg 'Gloriosa' x Bc. Canyon Royal 'Summer Finery'     Have one   

Was $120
Now $85

S 106028 8"
These are pictures from Stewart Orchids of the two parents.

Blc. Murray Spencer 'Arm Roys Dark Star' FCC/AOS x Blc Tribute 'Independence Day'
Blc. Murray Spencer 'ArmRoys Dark Star' FCC/AOS x Blc Tribute 'Independence Day' Was $120
Now $85
Stewart Orchids hybrid #196111 Have one 8"
Blc. Murray Spencer 'Armroy's Dark Star' FCC/AOS x Blc Tribute 'Independence Day' Was $75
Now $65
Stewart Orchids hybrid #196111 6"
     See Cattleya Page 4      
Blc. Steve Stevenson 'Ponkan' AM/AOS x Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon'   from 2006  
Blc. William Gee 'Grade A'  (Blc Ranger Six x C Esbetts)            Have seven six Was $120
Now $65
4528   111B 6"
    The blooms are very white and as you see, gold in the lip   See Cattleya Page 9      
C. Caroline Shields Brown
The lineage or genealogy of C Caroline Shields Brown:
The parents of Caroline Shields Brown are C. Esbetts x C Lynn Spencer
The parents of C Esbetts are C. Bob Betts x C Estelle
The parents of C Lynn Spencer are C Bob Betts x C White Blossom
  S 4938  
         See Cattleya Page 9      
C. Clarissa  (C. loddigesii x C. mendelii) 1902 cross   S 196049  
  White with yellow in lip      
C. Gertrude Hausermann 'EFG'

Was $90
Now $85

          See Cattleya Page 9      
C. Horace Maxima AM/AOS      
C Picasso 'Snowball'     (C. Elizabeth Carlson x C. Nancy Gray)
We acquired this directly from a trip to Stewart Orchids many years ago.
1967 cross, Stewart Orchids #2295   White with yellow in lip, Fragrant

Sadly all of these areSOLD

C. Valentine x Sir Jeremiah Colman   See Cattleya Page 2   S A9218  
Lc. C. Alfresco 'St Tropaz' x Petticoats 'Can Can' $65.00 S 19381 Three  6"
Lc. C. Alfresco 'St Tropaz' x Petticoats 'Can Can'          Have only one 8" $85.00 S 19281 8"
       See Cattleya Page 1      
Lc. Grosnez  (Lc Culineut x Lc Drumbeat)  Very Fragrant   L2061  
        See Cattleya Page 9      
Lc. Lc. Melicio Huerto 'Senor Perfecto' x C. Horace Triumph   S 4319  129B  

        See Cattleya Page 9
Lc. Lc. Rolf Altenburg x C. Horace Very Fragrant   S  
Lc. Lc. Within Reach '11090' x Lc. Yee Yee Lam 'Summer Palace' 


S 19815 6"

Within Reach 'May Day' x Lake Casitas 'Spring Finery'  
Older hybrid from Stewart Orchids before they closed


  Five   6"
Lc. Melody Fair 'Taida Beauty'  Light Fragrance                 Have two One

Was $105
Now $85

Lc. Sierra Skies 'Leone'     See Cattleya Page 8      
Lc. Susan Holguin 'Arm Roys Pride'


S 1303   498C  

Thank you to each of our customers!
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enjoy the ever changing environment of blooms, plant growth and orchid offerings.
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